Lockwood Elementary students were excited to participate in the FARM Science Lab in December

Eaton County Farm Bureau sponsored one day of the FARM Science Lab at Lockwood Elementary, which is a K-3rd grade elementary school in the Eaton Rapids School District.  The lab was at the school December 12th -13th, 2019.  Fourteen classrooms were able to participate in the two day event. The FARM Science Lab is a travelling lab that reinforces grade-level standards with hands-on science opportunities while increasing students’ knowledge of how agriculture impacts their daily lives. Each lesson has been individually crafted and tested by certified teachers.  Participating schools have been thrilled with the content of lessons and the kids love it, too.  Schools must apply to have the FARM Science Lab come to their school and meet certain requirements.  The lab has already travelled to schools all over Michigan.  Because it is so popular, a second FARM Science Lab has been purchased by Michigan Farm Bureau in order to try to get to all the schools on the waiting list! In addition to offering a grant to Eaton County schools to cover one day of the program, Eaton County Farm Bureau made a substantial sponsorship to the first FARM Science Lab.  Please check with our county office to find out how your school can be considered for a visit.